Un-Presidential! How Nigerians Tackled Garba Shehu For Attacking Gov Ortom

Un-Presidential! How Nigerians Tackled Garba Shehu For Attacking Gov Ortom

The Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari, Garba Shehu is under fire, not from politicians but from every day Nigerians, who are frowning at his unpresidential attack on Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom.

NaijaNewsNow reported that Shehu, in a statement purportedly issued on behalf of the Presidency on Wednesday, accused Governor Ortom, of having few principles, changed parties five times, using sectarian language similar to those employed by Hutus in the Rwandan Genocide and instigating farmers against herders in his state.

Not done, Shehu, in the statement, wondered how Benue State was unfortunate to be saddled with a Governor like Ortom, advising Benue people to be more circumspect in future elections.

It must be noted here that Shehu’s onslaught on Ortom was predicated on the governor’s increasing outspoken postures lately, especially on the continued carnage being visited on his state and people, allegedly by killer Fulani herdsmen, who keep killing, raping, maiming and destroying properties, including farm lands.

Nigerians however seem to have taken sides in the Ortom/Presidency faceoff, as scores of Facebook users took to the comment section of the presidential aide’s page, taking him to the cleaners.

For many of those who made comments, Ortom is seen as a man standing up for his people, therefore better than Shehu’s principal, President Muhammadu Buhari, who they accused of failure to address the myriad of challenges facing the country, including issues bordering on insecurity.

Below are some of the comments…

Oluwole Bright
Ortom will remain your political headache as long as you continue your evil agenda against humanity. The people of Benue knows fully well that Gov Ortom meant well for them unlike you and your paymaster, who is the major enemy to love, peace and unity in Nigeria. In your malicious response, you refused to address any of the facts raised by Ortom. Instead you are busy shading unnecessary shadows up and down. I can tell that the man is hacking your coconut head real hard

Otosi Fidelis
With due respect Sir, I get so disappointed when some of you in government politicise issues of national security.

I am an APC member and my loyalty is unwavering. But the truth is that some of you are terrorists who are hiding under the disguise of ethnicity to perpetuate Genocide. Governor Otom’s claims are in line with the polarized insecurity that every part of our country is confronted with. God in his wisdom created men to speak different tongues and multicultural facets but equal in the sight of God. This government owe Nigerians a responsibility of creating a safe environment for all, if not, what happened in Afghanistan will replicate same in Nigeria in a refined form. Unlike Afghanistan where terrorists subdued the Government, in Nigeria, the masses shall rise again. So you better advise the president well and stop this hypocritical claims.

Tion Paul Tyover
You have lost every sense of responsibility. You have refused to address the issues raised by Gov Samuel Ortom but rather chose to attack his personality, this is typical of your government.

My prayers for you is that one day, grace will fail you and you meet with the Fulani herdsmen, Bandits and the unknown gun men. Only then you have a different story to tell.

Recent events have shown that we are all not safe.

Dauda B Abubarkr
Garbage Shehu is at it again displaying his gibberish to distract us from the real issues bedeviling the good citizens of Nigeria. Just Yesterday the most revered military institution in the country was attacked, killing military officers. More than 30 people were also massacred in Jos, so has been the news day in day out. Yet all these were never serious issues but Ortom.

Dan Mashin
We love Governor Samuel Ortom, he has been the mouth piece of the ethnic minorities, we are proud of him.

Truth be told, Buhari led APC has failed Nigerians woefully and the Governor was right and has been right all these while.

What is the rational behind approving billions for ranching in Katsina State, the president’s home state while a Committe has been formed to recover grazing routes in 25 other states.

You don’t talk neutrality you do it in practical.

Nigeria has never been this divided like we are under the Buhari led APC. Though he is not the first Fulani man to head Nigeria, why is his own case different, search your conscience.

Agili-Ben Jabez Ordedoo
Gov Ortom highlighted in clear terms the poor performances of the President and his vindictive nature and style of governance. He cited the case where selected states are funded for same reasons that others will get no Kobo, he stated the issue of security, spoke concerning ranching with examples as the best global practice. A block headed media aide like you is here insulting the Governor instead of refuting or debunking the allegations.
Do good to desist from taking hard drugs and be a focused spokesperson to the President of the largest country in Africa

Balami Joda
Gov Ortom, please remain silent like Katsina State Governor even when your people are killed and kidnapped – Intern-President Garba Shehu

Instead of finding solutions to the killings going about in the country, you are here giving press release in defense of mediocrity and ethno-religious crisis, killings and kidnapping going about in Nigeria.

I wish this useless Bandits will focus on entering the villa instead of NDA and other notable places they go about killing and kidnapping Nigerians. Nonsense!

Abubakar Usman Umar
Yes! Ortom is very right. If not, how many are these foolani bandits!?
I’m from Katsina State, tell Mr President what happened in Rwanda would be a child’s play, if he didn’t stop his foolanis from kidnappings, killing and rapping our people.
The time we would likely start avenging, it would be the most disastrous thing that will befall in this country.

Orturan Zaki Felix
This is complete hogwash! You are the worse spokesperson anyone would ever hire. Governor Samuel Ortom is loved by Benue people and Nigerians across party lines. He is the only voice God has sent to speak against the evil agenda of the Buhari administration against Nigerians. You can call him names and plan all sorts of evil against him and the good people of Benue ahead of 2023 but the God he and Benue People serve will never allow you to succeed.

Is it Governor Ortom’s utterances that has caused killings at NDA Kaduna yesterday? What about thousands of people killed and kidnapped by bandits in the country?

Adaeze Ugwa
Listen to yourself! Killings in Plateau, silence; NDA attacked, silence; Abducted students dying one by one silence!
But you need to win an argument with Ortom about Rwanda that may happen to a particular ethnicity in future.
My dear Garba, Rwanda happened to some families in plateau last week. It happened to the abducted students. It happened to the murdered soldiers at NDA. It happened to thousands of Nigerians abducted and murdered. What is your response to the Rwanda happening today. If you cannot speak to our situation, shut up and let us bear our pain in silence

Iveren Wini Terungwa
You did not address the issues raised by Ortom. This outing is so low coming from the spokesperson of the President.

Tolu Babaleye
You and the other cabal members gave Ortom the mouth to talk. From the way you are carrying on, the Benue Governor seems to be correct about secret fulanisation agenda in Nigeria in the way you are vehemently pursuing grazing route for cows and cattle in 21st century despite the existence of Land Use Act that has changed the land tenure system since 1978.

Until you and your co-travellers can realise that cattle rearing is a private business just like pig rearing or poultry farming, I doubt if there can be an end to mutual distrust in Nigeria. I will advise you to leave Ortom alone and address the real issue as it concerns this country NOW!

I also wish to send you to your boss President Buhari to immediately and as a matter of urgency began the process of restructuring of Nigeria where all the regions will establish state police, tackle insecurity, control their resources and take their destinies in their own hands while we have a weak centre that will only take charge of Military, foreign policy and immigration. The present situation has defiled all solutions and I am sure your Presidency no longer has solution to the daily killings in the country.

If you people should go ahead with this system and conduct 2023 election rather than restructuring, the situation will become worse to the extent that these terrorist that you people are calling bandits to downplay its seriousness, will be controlling some dtates within 4 years from 2023. Once again, it is your Presidency that gave Othom the mouth to talk and the earlier you realise that, the better sir. Peace.

Eze Chukwuemeka Joseph
Ortom has few political principles, yes we agree. But you and your principal have no semblance of moral cum political principle

Ya’u Sule Tariwa
Shame on you! Instead of you people to be mindfully concerned about the recent carnage taking place in many states around the country, you are here sentimentally besmirching the truth by someone for political diversity.

As a spokesperson, tell Mr President to review the miseries occurring in Nigeria. No fewer than 60 people confirmed kidnapped in Katsina, more than 30 people were gruesomely killed in Jos few hours after an attack on Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA).

Hunger is daily threatening people’s lives due to unprecedented hiking in the prices of commodities. Many people are also afraid to go their farmlands, schools, business places due to uncertainty on their safety. Terrorists, bandits and kidnappers are at everywhere killing, maiming and kidnapping innocent citizens. Shall we continue on this way?

Franc D’Obama Utoo
In my entire life, I have never seen a first class old nincompoop like the scallywag called Garba Shehu.

Never in the history of any nation on Earth has the Presidency been reduced to this all time low. Never! These men are just one huge accident of history!

Yahaya Abdulkareem
Gabra Shehu….wallahi you have not said anything. I expected you to challenge Ortom on all the allegations he laid against Buhari-led goverment. Ortom has reminded your government that NONE OF YOU will be there forever. So, if you like continue to defend Buhari, Allah will judge you all….ONE BY ONE

Tim Nyor
Your boss Buhari started in APP, then ANPP, then AC, CPC and finally APC.
Atiku made you, brought you to national limelight and recognition, today you are with Buhari.
You have no moral right to lecture us on party defections.
It is diversionary and even stupid, for you to totally relegate the basis for Ortom’s lamentations, which is the persistent and systematic elimination of his people by herdsmen backed by your masters, and choose to concentrate on Ortom’s person.
How many times have you issued statements to condemn killings by these people, yet you wish everyone to be quiet.

Your hypocrisy ends in the same 2023 when Buhari retires to Daura to watch Ortom’s performance at the Senate. People like you and the plans and schemes that you represent, are the reason we have decided to send him to the Senate.
Make una wait…
Una never see anything!

Chukwuma George
Now that he’s up to defend his people, to your evil regime, it’s inciting farmers and against herders but all the while he has been calling on this evil administration to come to their aid, they played deaf ears, now you see him as causing war. Getaat joor

Master Terhemba Paul Gyenger
You are just a shameless spokesperson with no direction.

We, the Benue people are solidly behind our defender, HE Gov Ortom for always standing by us. Go and tell your pay master GMB to fix the mess he has put this country in. GMB is the worst President Nigeria has ever produced. Nonsense…

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