Police Take Over Venue Of Yoruba Self-determination Rally

Police Take Over Venue Of Yoruba Self-determination Rally

Plans by the Professor Banji Akintoye-led Ilana Odua to hold a sensitisation rally to educate Yoruba people on self-determination, may have been scuttled as the police have taken over Mapo Hall, Ibadan the venue of the rally.

Akintoye, an 86-year-old Emeritus Professor of History, was scheduled to lead the rally but the police have surrounded the venue with armed policemen and armour personnel carrier.

According to reports, more than 20 police vehicles including patrol vans have been stationed in Mapo Area.

It was also observed that the organisers of the rally have not shown up, though some members were said to have come earlier and left because of the situation at the venue.

It was however gathered that a truck-mounted with a megaphone was later seen with a few Yoruba agitators going towards Oritamerin from Bere side.

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