Nollywood Actress, Adunni Ade Talks About Her Battle Against Depression, Hate

Nollywood Actress, Adunni Ade Talks About Her Battle Against Depression, Hate

Nollywood actress, Adunni Adewale popularly called Adunni Ade, has opened up on her battle with depression occasioned by her growing up and hate she experienced in the movie industry.

The actress made the revelation in a recent episode of #WithChude, adding that she endured much hurt when growing up without her mother, and the disappointment she experienced when she thought that moving back with her would make up for the lost time.

She said: “I remember more hurt than I remember of happiness, growing up. When I moved out of Nigeria and moved in with my mum after secondary school, I didn’t realise the damage her not being around had caused. I just did not feel the love and care that I ought to. I began to ask myself, is there God? Why do I have to endure so much hurt?”

According to Adunni, she constantly battled with depression due to the troubles she faced, revealing that she had to be placed on medication to help “calm her nerves”. This, she said came with accompanying side effects.

“The depression was so intense that I had to use a tablet that had to be placed under my tongue so it could dissolve immediately. They did calm my nerves but the side effect was that I was beginning to lose my memory so I had to wean myself off them and start afresh” she added.

Speaking further, she said on hate in the industry: “I have had jobs taken away from me, I’ve had colleagues who have now become big names yank my name off and make lies to producers on reasons they shouldn’t give me the job. Deals – endorsements, have been yanked off my feet because “they don’t know me”, or “they don’t like me”, or “I’m not their person”. So they would rather put someone they’re cool with who can easily give them a cut – or whatever the case may be, rather than give me who truly deserves it.”

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