Kogi Poly Bans End-Of-Exam Celebration Over Fears Of Cult Clash

Kogi Poly Bans End-Of-Exam Celebration Over Fears Of Cult Clash

The management of Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja has banned, with immediate effect the ‘ritual’ end-of-examination celebration in the institution over fears of cult clashes and the likely breakdown of law and order.

This was disclosed in a statement by the Rector, Dr Salisu Ogbo Usman on Sunday, adding that the ban is informed by information about planned violent cult activities under the guise of celebration.

Usman, who noted that the ban was not an attempt to cut short the joy of law-abiding students of the institution who had every reason to mark an important milestone in their lives, said: “In times past, including mine as a student, examination celebration was all about handshake, hugging, and other merriments devoid of social upheavals, but events in recent years have proved that this is no longer the case.

“Instead, what we now have in most cases is the despicable use of water (both dirty and clean) mixed with soap, kerosene and other dangerous chemicals to immerse colleagues who have just graduated.

“The worst of it all is that it is in the process of such “celebrations” that students openly show their respective cult groups through what they term ‘flying of colour’.

“Furthermore, we have strong information that it is this period that members of cult groups are invited from other institutions and places for the handing over of batons of leadership and celebration of their “successes”; whatever that means.

“Worst still, the celebrations have taken a more dangerous dimension that students now mark End-of-Examinations with gunshots on campus in company of their respective cult groups.”


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