How Iree Bank Robbers Distabilised My Men – Osun CP

How Iree Bank Robbers Distabilised My Men - Osun CP
Osun Commissioner of Police, Olawale Olokode

The Osun State Commissioner of Police, Olawale Olokode has given an insight into how the robbers that attacked two banks in Iree, Boripe Local Government Area of the state, distabilised his men to be able to carry out the bank heist.

Two banks, located on both sides of a police divisional headquarters in the town, were raided by the robbers on Thursday.

While giving updates on the robbery, which led to the death of a police constabulary, Dauda Jelili, CP Olokode said the robbers threw a dynamite into the police station just to distabilise his men and have their way.

Olokode, while speaking with journalists on Friday said: “Some explosives were thrown at the police station just to incapacitate the police before they commence robbery. At the end of this one special constabulary, was killed, in attempt to cart away weapon and it was not successful.

“The operation was simultaneous, the police station and the two banks, meaning the armed robbers would have been about 20 for such to happen at the same time.

“An unspecified amount of money was carted away. They operated in four vehicles. At the approach of my tactical team, led by me, the robbers fled.

“In their pursuit, they had to hurriedly abandon four of the operational vehicles and entered a nearby bush on foot.

“The police in conjunction with local security particularly the hunters and OPC entered into the bush.

“We embarked on a serious manhunt of the robbers. We couldn’t pursue them further at a point.

“In the vehicles they abandoned, we saw some of the ammunition, used and unused. We still believe that the operation is not without the knowledge of the indigenes who know the community very well especially the bush they entered.

“We are working assiduously to get them arrested. We are hopeful that we shall get them and the mystery will be unravelled. What destabilised our men was the dynamite they used in the operation.”

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