#GreenfieldUniversity: This Is War, Gumi Reacts To Killing Of Students

#GreenfieldUniversity: This Is War, Gumi Reacts To Killing Of Students

Kaduna based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has reacted to the killing of three of the abducted students of #GreenfieldUniversity, off the Abuja-Kaduna Highway in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State by bandits who abducted them on Tuesday night, saying the activities of the bandits is no longer about criminality but war.

According to the cleric, the killing of the students had underscored his position that bandits were now at war with the nation, adding that the only way forward was for the government to take his advice and grant amnesty to the bandits for them to lay down their arms.

Gumi, who is from Kaduna State, said the only way he could intervene as he did in Niger and Katsina states was for Governor Nasir el-Rufai to reconsider his stance against negotiation with bandits.

He said: “The situation is becoming dire and I need the government’s support before I can do anything, and I think there is a great misunderstanding and poor reading of the situation on the ground. So, I’m really helpless; I don’t know what actually I can do as of now.”

Speaking on the killing of the students, Gumi said: “Honestly speaking, it is very unfortunate. There is an ethnic war going on, and I have been saying it. It is a war but if we don’t want to accept that it is a war, we will continue to suffer.

“You cannot predict the behaviour of people who are like that; this is the unfortunate thing and it is the common man that suffers. The way forward is for the government to listen to us, because those people (bandits) are ready to listen to us. If the government will cooperate and listen to us, I think there will be peace but we are finding it difficult to get the government’s attention.

“We are in a war situation. As we are talking now, they (military) are dropping bombs on them (bandits). You cannot protect your children and you are dropping bombs on the enemies!

“You remember the Iran-Iraq war when they were bombing Baghdad and Tehran and they didn’t care about the civilians. When young girls (and boys) are killed like that, you should know that it is not just criminality, it is beyond criminality, it is a war.

“There is a lot we can offer but we need the government to cooperate.”

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