Bala Mohammed Lambasts Buhari Govt, Says It Has Lost Ideas

Bala Mohammed Lambasts Buhari Govt, Says It Has Lost Ideas

The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has again come criticism as Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State on Thursday blamed it for the challenges the country is facing.

According to Governor Mohammed, the Buhari administration is full of blame game, nepotism and corruption.

The governor, who spoke to journalists at the Ramat House, Bauchi, after the Sallah parade at the palace of the Emir of Bauchi, said the deteriorating economy which has led to widespread insecurity and poverty in the country, was as a result of loss of ideas by the Federal Government.

Mohammed also threw his weight behind Southern Governors who recently claimed that the Northern part of the country was favoured above the South.

He said: “If you are not fair and equitable in your administration, in your management, if there is nepotism, only one section is given positions in government, then what the southern governors said is true. Some people are given too much attention to the detriment of others.

“What we know in this country, as a federation, there is always a balance in terms of appointments of federal offices, in terms of appointments even at the local level because if you don’t practise fairness at the top, then you cannot get it at the lower level. And people will begin to think of self-actualisation, self-determination, and so on,” he said.

Mohammed also insisted that the Buhari administration had no ideas on how to grow the economy, noting that it was best known for blame game, just as corruption was thriving in the regime more than previous administrations.

“I think the Federal Government has lost ideas on how to grow the economy. They are just involved in a blame game. What they are best known for is blame game, always saying this and that”, he said.

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