A Victory From The Graveyard

A Victory From The Graveyard

By Duke of Somolu

I decided to take a long drive this morning after our new president was announced.

I drove the stretch of the Ikorodu road from Jibowu to as far as I could get. I got to Agric near Ikorodu and came back and drove to Victoria Island

I was trying to gauge public perception of this victory. All I saw were Nigerians going about their business.

Gone was the rapturous jubilation that announced Abacha’s sad apple aided departure.

Gone were even the joy that heralded the Buhari ascendancy. We jumped into the street with joy, not knowing that we were commencing into a deep hole that would last for 8 years.

Today, nobody raised their heads. Totally subdued and defeated. People just went back to their lazy jobs

At the boisterous Mile 12 market, business continued with no sign of laughter or joy.

The inevitable has happened, and we seem to have accepted our fate as defeated people.

You know how stubborn dogs walk back to their cages with their tails in between their legs and head bowed after a beating is the way Nigerians have reacted to this event

Traffic has come back. Offices have been opened, and nobody is even discussing the matter except on rapturous social media platforms and what’s app groups.

The wind has been taken out from our sales and the energy of just 24 hours ago with which my dear brother Sanwo-Olu was being given quit notice have ebbed away like smelly fart from the anus of the village drunk.

The shock is too telling. Like a condemned prisoner who already knows his fate but still cries at the hangmans noose

We all saw this coming with the way the votes were being tallied. The evil machinations of those who own us, the way they manipulated the process, and the way they remained confident as the exercise was moving awkwardly like an old woman with a very bad boil between her thighs

For me, I gave up when the big headed INEC boss replied to Dino in the face of a very clear misdemeanor – go to court.”

Ohh my God. Did he just say that, I just stood up from my couch and went to bed.

All of these still didn’t remove the shock from the news, that the President has just been announced after a very colorful run at the presidency.

I woke up weak. 200m helpless souls and an all conquering superhero who could barely walk, talkess talk and with dubious qualifications had just played one of the world’s most intriguing poker games.

As I drove into the luxurious ambiance of the island, Ikoyi looked desolate. Every where was quiet and empty. The roads screaming in helpless resistance as a new brood emerges.

Nigerians, defeated and restrained, eschewing victory from the graveyard.


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