2023: Striped Naked At Home, Saraki Embarks On Another Fruitless Voyage?

2023: Striped Naked At Home, Saraki Embarks On Another Fruitless Voyage?
Bukola Saraki

It started with pockets of disaffection, until it was latched on to by politicians who must have had an axe to grind with the chubby looking purbane son of a kingmaker, who became King, and later, the ultimate kingmaker.

It was a movement that took a life of its own and developed into a hurricane, sweeping away years of dominance, political subjugation and enslavement, the promoters of O’to Ge, including Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture had said.

The O’to Ge movement and its efficacy in ending the Saraki dynasty’s domination of the politics of Kwara State, was almost unthinkable.

Those who know the history of old Kwara State will readily attest to the power and overriding influence of Dr Olushola Saraki, father of the immediate past Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki. The senior Saraki weilded so much influence that no one became anything politically without his sactioning it.

Bukola Saraki, who, no doubt benefited from his father’s enormous powers, must have learnt so much from the Senior Saraki, as he took over the suppressing political power from his father, even while he was alive.

However, there maybe one or two this Bokola failed to learn front Olushola Saraki, leading to his unceremonious easing off the stage by the O’to Ge movement. So stripped was that Saraki lost his seat at the Senate, his associates lost theirs too in the Senate, House of Representatives and the Kwara State House of Assembly. The governorship, was equally taken away and given to a bitter rival family!

At the conclusion of the 2019 general elections, Saraki, a two time presidential aspirant, was stripped naked of every appearance of political relevance, except the empty Chairman of PDP Reconciliation Committee portfolio that was given him by his party.

True to the nature of politicians, Bukola Saraki, is not yet done, as he has again thrown his heart into the contest for the presidential ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the 2023 general elections.

Saraki as against a world press conference he used in announcing his intention the last time, using the glamour and powers of the Office of Senate President, this time chose his official Facebook page to declare his intention.

He wrote: “Earlier today, I replied to a follower of mine on Twitter who, like thousands of you, has been clamouring for a united front to #RescueNigeria.

“As we prepare for the journey ahead, I hope we can all join hands to get the ticket of our great party, PDP, and build a nation that works for all of us.

“Join me to make our communities safer and provide real opportunities for you and your families. I have a strong record of delivering and experience in making tough decisions.

“Let’s build a new Nigeria that works for EVERYONE! #GrowNigeria”

Great words, no doubt but the question is, is Bukola Saraki again embarking on another fruitless Voyage?

For many, it may yet be another needless journey, considering that fact that his two previous attempts at getting the nod of the party to contest for President, were when he held offices that were significant. One when he was a sitting governor and second, when he was the nation’s number three man, as Senate President.

At both times, Saraki had a level of influence and some clout he could depend on and associates he could easily relied on to get things done. But now, Saraki, an ordinary citizen, is on his own and may find turning his ambition into reality more herculean than it was in 2019, when he failed to match up to Atiku Abubakar, who may soon declare his intention to contest too.

Whatever happens with the PDP ticket, the fears are genuine that Saraki may have just embarked on another fruitless journey to nowhere!

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